ADEC Institutional Subscriptions

An institutional subscription is a great way to give your entire staff access to ADEC’s selection of webinar recordings. Purchasing such a subscription – either for a single webinar or a recordings package – allows all employees within your organization, at all branches and offices, to view ADEC webinar recordings and benefit from the expertise of our top instructors.

How it works:

Complete your order to receive a login and password. This login information is unique to your institution and can be shared with colleagues within the organization. Each individual can then use the login to access webinar recordings at their convenience. After viewing a webinar, individuals can visit ADEC’s web store to purchase CE credit for the recording they’ve viewed ($25 for 1.5 credit hours).

Choose the option that’s right for you:
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Single webinar recordings     OR   Webinar recordings packages


  Nonprofit Institutions For-Profit

Single Webinar Recording

$295 $395

2009-2014 Webinar Recordings Package*

$2,000   $3,000

2015 Webinar Recordings



Pick-12 Webinar Recordings 2009-2014*



Individual CE Credit (1.5 credit hrs.)  $25 (with an institutional subscription login only)

*BONUS: Place your order by March 15, 2015, and choose any four conference recordings free!


CE Credit

Anyone within your institution who wishes to earn credit for viewing our webinars can do so by going to our web store to purchase CE credits for the webinar(s) they viewed. The cost is $25 per 1.5 credit hours. They will complete an exam associated with each webinar and print a certificate of credit. Go to the web store to purchase credit for viewing a recorded webinar.

Learn more about: 

CE Approval Information

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Information about Live Webinars for Purchase by Individuals 

Contact Erika Moy for further information at  847-480-9080 x290.  

Once we have your completed form, you will receive a unique login and password to begin your access. The login information is unique to each institution and should never be shared with anyone outside of the institution. It is the responsibility of the person who initiates the subscription to communicate this to everyone who receives the login information.