2013 Recorded Webinars

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2013 Recorded Webinars

DECEMBER 18: Religious Coping and Meaning-Making Following Loss of a Love

Presented by: Laurie Burke, MS

DECEMBER 6: DSM-5 and Bereavement: Q&A...

Presented by:Susan McCue, MSW, LCSW

NOVEMBER: Use of Mindful Awareness in Loss and Grief

Presented by: Darcy L. Harris, PhD, FT and Brad Hunter, BA, CHt

OCTOBER: Therapeutic Presence: Training Peer Helpers Through a...

Presented by:Ann Laverty, PhD

AUGUST: Using Popular Media To Help Clients With Their Grief

Presented by:Mary K. Hughes, MS, RN, CT, CNS

JULY: The Impact of Military Loss

Presented by: Jill LaMorie, DSW, LCSW and Bonnie Caroll

JUNE: A Practitioner's Guide To Care of the Dying

Presented by: Louis Gamino, PhD, ABPP, FT

MARCH: Putting Faces on Our Theories

Presented by:Harold Ivan Smith, DMin, FT

FEBRUARY: Healing Presence for the Healer: Where They Do the Healing

Presented by: Nichole Schwerman, MA, MS, LPC-IT, CT

JANUARY: The Whole Town Grieves: When Loss Affects An Entire Community

Presented by: William G. (Bill) Hoy, DMin, FT