2014 Recorded Conference Sessions

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2014 Recorded Conference Sessions

Let’s Stop “Staging” Dying and Bereaved Persons

Presented by: Charles Corr, PhD

Parental Experiences and Decisions Regarding Fetal Anomalies

Presented by: Ramona Fernandez, PhD

Helping Bereaved Clients Identify, Develop and Utilize Resources

Presented by: Phyllis Kosminsky, PhD, FT

Beyond Gender: Understanding the Ways Men and Women Grieve

Presented by: Kenneth Doka, PhD, FT and Terry Martin, PhD

Motherless Daughters: A Twenty-Year Retrospective

Presented by: Hope Edelman, MA

Finding Resilience: Thinking Small in the Big Badness

Presented by: Kelen Chapple, RN, PhD, MSN, CT

The Role of Medication in Grief Therapy: Two Case Studies

Presented by: John Jordan, PhD and Sidney Sisook, MD

Working with Grieving Teenagers

Presented by: Heather Servaty-Seib, PhD