2017 Recorded Webinars

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2017 Recorded Webinars

DECEMBER: Understanding the Impact of Traumatic Events and How to Help Those Affected

Presented by: Andy  McNiel, MA

JULY: Light on the Dark Side of the Street

Presented by:  Greg Adams, LCSW, ACSW, FT

JUNE: Loss in the Lives of LGBTQ+ People

Presented by: Laura S Wheat, PhD, LPC, NCC

MAY: Practical Strategies for Helping Grieving Clients Cope

Presented by: Bob Baugher, PhD, FT

APRIL: Continued Bond/Attachment Theories for Perinatal Loss Intervention

Presented by: Joann O'Leary, PhD

MARCH: "Well, Ain't This a Fine Howdy-do!" Helping Care-givers

Presented by:  Harold Ivan Smith, DMin, FT

FEBRUARY: Living with Life-Threatening Illness

Presented by:  Kenneth Doka, PhD, DMin

JANUARY: Responding To Community Crisis

Presented by: Patti Anewalt, PhD, LPC, FT