ADEC Distance Learning FAQ

VoIP Instructions
  1. Fees

    ADEC members pay $45, nonmembers pay $65 for the live or recorded version of the webinar.

  2. What if I can't attend the live webinars?

    You can purchase a recorded version of each webinar, which will be available through the ADEC website. Each recording will typically be available about a week after the completion of the live event. Earn CE credit by completing a quiz following the recording.

  3. What is my time zone?

    Webinars take place at noon Central time which means 1 p.m. Eastern time, 11 a.m. Mountain time, 10 a.m. Pacific time. For international time zone calculations: Convert the webinar time to your own time zone.

  4. Who should attend an ADEC Webinar?

    ADEC webinars are for anyone working closely with the dying or bereaved, including: nurses, grief counselors, therapists, teachers, school counselors, hospice workers, clergy and social workers, psychologists, funeral directors, crisis intervention specialists, mental health professionals, suicidologists and death educators.

  5. What technology do I need to do the live webinar?

    You will need a computer, and if you choose to call in, a phone line. When you register, you will receive an e-mail that provides the dial-in phone number and a PIN. It will also have a Web link that will take you to a webinar page where you’ll view the slides as the presenter is speaking.

    New! ADEC webinars can now be heard through VoIP (Voice Over IP), meaning that a phone isn't required. You'll use the speakers and audio controls of your computer to hear the webinar. Download these instructions to learn more.

  6. How will I get confirmation that I attended the live webinar?

    When the webinar has finished, you will receive a link through e-mail that will take you to an evaluation of the webinar. Completion of this evaluation is mandatory in order to receive CE credit. Once you complete the evaluation, you can print your certificate.

  7. How do I view the recorded versions of the webinars?

    When you purchase a recorded version, you will receive a link to the ADEC Exam page. The webinars you purchased will be available to you. Click on a webinar title to launch a video player that contains the audio and slides of the presentation.  When you have finished watching the webinar, you will click on the associated quiz. Once you complete the quiz and receive a passing score of 75% or better, you can print a certificate for your record of credits.  To do this, submit the quiz, and then click on "View Your Results." From there, you will see a box that shows your completed evaluation results. Click on the link that says "Print" under Certificate.

  8. Do I have to pay online?

    No, you can download an order form and mail in a check or fax your order with a credit card payment. However, all orders placed directly through the ADEC site are secure; your personal and credit card information is safe.

  9. What is the deadline for registration?

    Registration will close 30 minutes prior to the Webinar to ensure that all registrants receive dial-in instructions on time.

  10. What does my registration fee cover?

    Your registration fee for a live Webinar includes one telephone connection, one set of materials (if the presenter provides them) and one evaluation for continuing education credits. The member and nonmember price each include 1.5 CE credits for one participant.

  11. Can others attend with me?

    An unlimited number of people can listen in on the Webinar with you at your location, but only one person can claim CE credits as the primary registrant.

  12. How can additional participants claim CE credit if they viewed the webinar with me?

    Additional participants in the Webinar can purchase CE credits for $25 each. Additional credits will be available for purchase through the ADEC site immediately following the completion of each live webinar. Those participants purchasing additional credits will need to provide the registration code given to the primary registrant at the time of their order. This number can be found in the primary registrant’s confirmation e-mail.

  13. Can additional participants claim CE credit if they viewed a recording of the webinar with me, rather than the live event?

    No, the webinar recording and associated CE credits are intended only for the primary registrant.

  14. Can I give my webinar login information to another person?

    No, your registration entitles you to one phone line and one Web connection only. Others can attend with you on the same phone line and computer; we encourage you to gather with your colleagues in a conference room, call in from a speaker phone and watch the webinar on a large screen. If others want to call in from a separate location, they must purchase a webinar registration for themselves.

  15. Where can I find my registration code?

    When you registered, you received a confirmation e-mail. The number is located immediately below your name at the top of that e-mail.

  16. What if I experience technical difficulties while logging into a webinar that's about to start?

    Contact ADEC Headquarters at +1-612-337-1808. Ask to speak to the Education Administrator or another ADEC staff person. We will put you in touch with a live person who can help.

  17. During a webinar, I'm experiencing problems with my speaker phone, or I can't hear the presenter very well. What can I do?

    ADEC encourages you to test your phone and computer equipment a few hours before the webinar to make sure everything works as it should. Make sure the volume setting on your speakerphone is turned up to its highest possible level. ADEC will do everything it can to eliminate technical difficulties within our control. Refunds will not be issued for technical issues unless they affect the entire participant group.

  18. Can I cancel my webinar registration?

    Cancellations will be accepted through end of business on the Monday immediately prior to each specific Webinar. Registrants who cancel within that time will receive a refund, minus a $10 service fee. Cancellations received after that day will not be refunded. To cancel your registration, call +1-612-337-1808 or email us. ADEC is not responsible for miscalculations relating to the webinar start time in your area and will not issue refunds for anyone who missed the event due to timing mix-ups.

  19. What CE is approved for these Webinars?

    • Association of Social Work Boards (ASWB)
    • American Psychological Association (APA)
  20. How much time do I have to claim CE credits for a live webinar?

    You must claim your credits within 30 days of the webinar date. After 30 days, the credit evaluation will no longer be available.

  21. How many credits can I earn?

    You can earn 1.5 credits for each webinar, unless otherwise indicated.