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Content can be reviewed and purchased via the Webinar RecordingsConference Recordings or Handbook of Thanatology Self Study Course pages on the ADEC website. If you have not purchased content, please visit these pages to review, watch previews and purchase. Once purchases are made, access links will be sent within 24 hours.

Accessing Your Purchased Content

Once you have permissions granted to your ADEC account, you will be able to choose the appropriate content to access from the table of contents below. Only the content you have permission to view will load. If you do not have access to the recording, it will not load.


STEP 1: Choose the appropriate content area
STEP 2: Select the appropriate title 
STEP 3: View the content directly on the webpage
STEP 4: Once viewing is complete, click on the link to access the ADEC CEU Quiz and Certificate site, located on the bottom of the webpage

Accessing Your CEU Management Platform

Once you have permissions granted to your ADEC account, you will be able to access your recording. You will find the link to the assigned recorded quiz, evaluations and certificate following the video recording. If you need to access the CEU Management Platform outside of the viewing time of your recording, you can access it via the steps immediately below. 


STEP 1: Visit the CEU Management Platform via this link.
Log into the CEU Management Platform with your ADEC user name and this pre-set password: adec2017.

If you need assistance confirming the pre-set password, please email the ADEC office.

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