Handbook of Thanatology Self Study Course


The Handbook of Thanatology, ADEC's essential body of knowledge for the study of death, dying and bereavement, is available as an online self-study course. The second edition of the Handbook was published in April of 2013 and forms the basis of the Self Study Course. 

The Handbook of Thanatology Self Study Course is a self-assessment that offers online quizzes in six sections that mirror the printed handbook. Purchase and complete the quizzes online for continuing education credit or nursing contact hours. (If you don't already own the Handbook of Thanatology itself, you can buy .pdf versions of its sections, or a hard copy of the entire book).

Each of the six sections of the Self Study Course contains a quiz that corresponds to the appropriate chapters for that section, and which the learner must pass to earn credit for that section. Learners can earn continuing education credits or nursing contact hours. Purchase individual sections or a package of all six sections at once.

When a section of quizzes is purchased and accessed, both options of CE/CT/FT credit or nursing credit* will be available to the learner to choose from.

CE credits available (and contact hours towards Certification in Thanatology): 18 (3 credits per section)

A learner is allowed
two attempts to take and pass each section quiz. At the end of each quiz, you will be able to review your answers. After passing each section, you will be able to  print your certificate with credit. Overall score for the entire section will be calculated based on a pass/fail rate of 75%.

Access your purchased quizzes in the My Online Learning portal.

Pricing Information (for CE)

Item Member Non Member
Single Section Quiz Only $60 $65
Set of Six Quizzes $324 $350
Single Section/Book Chapters* $14 per section $16 per section
All book chapters (cheaper to buy the book on Amazon)* $84/$14 per section for six sections $96/$16 per section for six sections

The Handbook of Thanatology, 2nd Edition is also available for purchase in PDF format by section or the entire book in PDF OR you can purchasethe Handbook through Routledge Mental Health.

*Sections will be accessible in the My Online Learning in PDF format, 24 hours after purchase. 

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The following is complimentary material available from the Handbook of Thanatology:

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