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ADEC members are leading experts in the study and practice of thanatology, the study of dying, death and bereavement. Our nearly 2,000 members include a wide array of psychologists, counselors, social workers, educators, researchers, hospice personnel, and clergy. Throughout the world, ADEC members are involved in service, teaching, or research concerned with death education, care of the dying, and grief.

ADEC officers are authorized to speak to members of the press on behalf of the association. To arrange an interview, complete the Find an Expert request or contact ADEC via email. A major goal of the Association for Death Education and Counseling┬« is to disseminate sound information regarding death, dying and bereavement to the media and public. We seek to put you in touch with quality resources and encourage you to use our website to inform your stories.

ADEC Recent Statements

Executive Order Travel Ban:

On Friday, Jan. 27, 2017, President Trump signed an executive order that resulted in the immediate suspension of immigration for persons from seven countries (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, and Somalia).We value our colleagues from every country and as an international organization we are concerned that this ban may affect ADEC members.

This executive order is currently being litigated and there is a hold on its implementation. ADEC is not in a position to know if or how this will affect your ability to attend the ADEC Conference. If this travel advisory directly applies to you or your travel plans, and if you need a Letter of Invitation from ADEC to attend our conference as a presenter or attendee, ADEC is happy to supply this document specifying your role. Contact ADEC for more information.

If you are a presenter, we also advise you to print and bring a copy of the conference program listing your name as a presenter.

We look forward to seeing one and all inPittsburgh in 2018!

Quebec Mosque Shooting: 

Our thoughts are with all Canadians, especially the 1 million Muslims living in Canada, following the attack and shooting at a mosque in Quebec City this weekend. At least 6 people were killed, with many others seriously injured as they were practicing their faith.
Those who wish to help the Muslim community financially can find appropriate sites through GoFundMe and LaunchGood. LaunchGood funds will be distributed through Islamic Relief Canada, and the GoFundMe funds will be distributed through Canada Zakat.

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